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Military Family Documentary Thanks Moms

Thank you to moms, today and everyday!  A special thank you to all the mothers who shared their story for the military family documentary While Time Stands Still.  Your love and sacrifice is not unnoticed.


CBS Radio Washington DC – Interview with Director of Military Family Documentary

If you are in the Washington DC area today, Saturday, May 9, Catch interview with Director Elena Miliaresis on WNEW NEWSRADIO 99.1 and learn more about the Military Family documentary While Time Stands Still.  The interview is part of the Weekly Entertainment and Movie Review.

Honor of Military Families. Witness OUR Story.  Get your copy of While Time Stands Still TODAY via

Happy Holidays!

If you need a smile, this will surely do it.  This is one of our favorite family moments caught on camera.  May you always have wonder in your heart that bowls you over.  Happy Holidays!

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