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This is a very personal documentary. When my fiancé deployed to Iraq, I lived through the challenges of having a loved one in a combat zone.

I felt something needed to be done to advocate for the millions of families coping with the effects of war.  It’s time for the courageous story of Military Families to be heard.

 -Elena Miliaresis
Director/ Producer
While Time Stands Still
True Story of Military Families in America during War

Torn Apart by War

Kept Together by Love

The Military Family Documentary

While Time Stands Still

An inspiring documentary about love, courage, and sacrifice, While Time Stands Still tells the gripping story of American Military Families during war, and what it takes to put the pieces back together afterwards.

If you have ever wondered how others make it through Deployment, tried to explain to your Spouse what it’s like to hold down the fort, or felt your neighbors don’t understand what having a child in a war zone really means, the documentary While Time Stands Still is for you. This must-see film by Spouse of an Iraq War Veteran Elena Miliaresis brings our story to light. Get your copy today.

Filmmaker Elena Miliaresis shares her own experience as she follows two wives.  As these young women navigate the challenges that come their way, they not only find the strength to survive, but also discover their own self-worth.

Five years in the making, with over a hundred interviews from Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, National Guard, Reserve and Veteran Families this riveting film is the journey to healing of America’s brave Military Families.

Filmmaker Elena Miliaresis on PBS: Families at War

Filmmaker Elena Miliaresis on abc7 Salutes

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Film Inquiry Review by Laurie Agard, PhD

Director Elena Miliaresis’ 92-minute documentary While Time Stands Still is one of my favorite types of film: a low budget indie created by a persistent artist who perseveres through numerous obstacles, overcomes overwhelming odds, and works relentlessly to tell an engrossing and moving story that she is personally passionate about. While Time Stands Still is […]

military family documentary featured on ABC7

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ABC7 Salutes featured the military family documentary While Time Stands Still and Marine Corps wife / filmmaker Elena Miliaresis. The piece that aired on KABC showcased how Miliaresis started work on the film and the impact screenings have had on the community.   “I wanted to help other families going through the same thing. I […]