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Military Family Documentary: While Time Stands Still airs Nationwide

This Memorial Day, the Military Family Documentary: While Time Stands Still airs nationwide on the WORLD Channel. WORLD shares the best of public media in news and documentaries, and is devoted to telling stories that humanize complex issues. While Time Stands Still will be airing:

Monday, May 25th

  • 8 pm  EST (5 pm PST)
  • 10 pm PST 

Tuesday, May 26

  • 1 am  EST (10 pm PST on 5/25)
  • 9 am EST (6 am PST)

Sunday, May 31

  • 5 am EST (2 am PST)

While Time Stands Still will be airing on additional PBS stations. Check local listings for air times.

Link to Take Two interview with A Martinez on Take Two for KPCC

It was a dream come true to be interviewed about my @milfamdoc on @TakeTwoShow on @KPCC. You see, I have @NPR to thank for planting the seed for my project. A year after my (now) husband returned from Iraq. I heard an #AllThingsConsidered interview which prompted me to read Kristin Henderson’s book about military wives “While They’re at War.” That book began my healing process. And, it made me realize that if a book could help me, I could help others by making a documentary that depicted the experience of families during wartime. As a journalist for @ABCNews and a TV producer (for E! Entertainment), I could be of service by filling that narrative void and bringing to light the story of military family on the home front.

Fast forward and here I am with a gripping, emotional movie where I share my own story as I follow the resilient journey of two #militarywives during the Iraq War. It not only shows the challenges families face during war and what it takes to recover, but also delves into important issues such as postpartum depression and spouse suicidal ideation. It is an inspiring account of individuals seeing a need and filling that need to help others, of finding the strength to keep going in the darkest of times, and rising resiliently.

Now, you can hear the interview on Take Two at about 34:15 into the show.

Film Inquiry Review by Laurie Agard, PhD

Military Family Documentary Film Review

Director Elena Miliaresis’ 92-minute documentary While Time Stands Still is one of my favorite types of film: a low budget indie created by a persistent artist who perseveres through numerous obstacles, overcomes overwhelming odds, and works relentlessly to tell an engrossing and moving story that she is personally passionate about.

While Time Stands Still is also a wonderful example of my other favorite type of film: a positive psychology movie – a film that helps us examine virtues, and makes us think about how we treat other people. Watching positive psychology movies can be an incredibly pleasurable method for personal growth. When I want to deliberately watch a film in order to look for and learn about character strengths, I turn to Niemiec and Wedding’s “Positive Psychology at the Movies” for big-budget film suggestions. As psychologists Niemiac and Wedding write, “Good art is a sacred experience that touches that ‘unspoiled spot’ inside all of us.”

However, I find it increasingly difficult to find guides for low-budget indie films like Miliaresis’ that so effectively show human condition and provide stories and characters that help us think about how we can use our character strengths to connect more deeply with other people and our world. So, as I watched While Time Stands Still I felt elated at the find.

Military Family Documentary – Featured on ABC7 Salutes

military family documentary featured on ABC7

Reporter Josh Haskell and Filmmaker Elena Miliaresis

ABC7 Salutes featured the military family documentary While Time Stands Still and Marine Corps wife / filmmaker Elena Miliaresis. The piece that aired on KABC showcased how Miliaresis started work on the film and the impact screenings have had on the community.


“I wanted to help other families going through the same thing. I wanted families to know that they weren’t alone. As a filmmaker, I could tell these stories of love and courage.” said Miliaresis


While Time Stands Still follows the inspiring journey of three military wives during the Iraq War.



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While Time Stands Still
The military family documentary While Time Stands Still is a love story that follows the journey of three Marine Corps wives during the Iraq War.
Directed by: Elena Miliaresis
Produced by: Elena Miliaresis